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"What Do We Do?"  is a minimal asymmetrical coop Platformer game with elements of typography. It features two main characters "d" and "o". Each of these characters have some abilities that the other one lacks; with each other's help, they find their way through a journey of Types and Graphics, they find words' meanings and realize that they can only "do" stuff together.

You can find the game to PLAY HERE!
Our entry in the Global Game Jam Site can be found in THIS LINK!


W,A,S,D to operate "d" - Arrow keys to operate "o" - R to Restart current level

Roles: Original concept - Game design - Art - Animations - Narration  




Category: Minimalisitc asymmetrical coop platformer with typography elements

Engine: Unity

Other software used: Adobe Illustrator - Adobe After effects - Audacity

Roles: Original concept - Game design - Art - Animations - Narration  [COLLABORATIVE PROJECT]

Each of these two characters have different set of abilities that the other one lacks or is weak in. For example “o” runs faster and jumps higher, while “d” has the ability to crouch and squeeze himself to go under narrow spaces and also could give “o” a boost to jump higher.  In addition, the game is about word puzzles that the player has to trigger and solve with the help of these two letters. There are unfinished words with different functionalities that the player has to fill with either “d” or “o” to form a word and progress in the game. The other important mechanic in the game is the hidden platforms and words in shadows and lights; by switching the lights on and off, the player can find these elements. The game is best played with two players, since the characters are being controlled at the same time but it could be also played with only one player.

"What Do We Do?"  is a project developed in 48 hours during the Global Game Jam in January of 2015; The theme of the GGJ 2015 event was: "What do we do now?". After a long brainstorming session of ideas, we decided to create a game in which one or two players could control two different characters: “d” and “o”, each of them with different abilities. The submitted game for GGJ has 15 levels and two endings. We are still working on the final version of the game which benefits from major improvements and changes.

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