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FlowerSim is a super-simplified simulation app that teaches kids about three different types of plants/flowers, soils and the process of growing a plant. Here is a brief description of the project; design statement, its audience and context, the motivation for either me or the audience of the applciation and the changes I made during the one and half week long process of making it.


Here are all the assets of the application I made in pixel art style. My goal was to make the interface and visuals as simple and soothing as possible.


I chose the "Fleeting Smile" song by Brian and Roger Eno for the soundtrack of the application. Here you can see the main menu.  


An instruction page was designed to help the players figure out how to interact with the application. As the main audience of the application are kids that can read and write, the instructions and hints are written in a way to be read easily.


The main page of the application were the simulation takes place. Here you can see the general lay-out of the elements. As you progress in the application and get everything in the current stats of the flower right, the flower grows.


Here you can use this link to download the final version of the game for Windows in EXE format

(A big apologize to Mac users; I use the free version of GameMaker Studio that does not allow me to export the application for Mac users without a lot of hassle)

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