GENPET#4567 is a genetically modified Tarsier monkey that is produced by an evil pet making company. The idea of this character comes from one of my oldest game ideas. The closest games I had in mind when thinking about the graphics and style of my conecpt were Abe's Oddysee and Limbo. I started with figuring out details about the character's features, both physical and emotional. Here is the keypoints about his traits and characteristics. 


Based on what I had in mind for my character's traits, I started with his portrait. An innocent sad look which is also a characteristic of Tarsier monkeys. Then came the 2D character sheet after that. Next step was to start modeling the 3D character in Zbrush using the sketches. All the geometry modeling has been done inside Zbrush. Here you can see the model without coloring and textures. 


I used Zbrush to add colors as well, with its rgb tool. My intention was to texture eyes inside Marmoset Toolbag to get more desirable outcomes. Here the eye is colored for previewing the model. 


Front, side and tope views of the character rendered in Zbrush.


Close-up details of the character after imported in Marmoset Toolbag.


Left: Character's eyes are textured in Toolbag software using multiple types of maps. As it was a very important part of the character which bears a huge emotional characterisitc trait of him, my intention was to make it a focal point, using high quality maps and getting quality reflections. Here is a sad innocent and unbelievably thoughtful look. 


Right: The geometrcial texture has been applied inside Zbrush to finish the character's skin; a newborn baby Tarsier's skin.

Shots rendered in Marmoset Toolbag 2.0


Final character sheet, including the 2D sketches, views rendered in Zbrush and Final renders in Toolbag.